About me

Conducting a research study

Conducting a research study

Hello! I’m Christine!

I've spent the past 15+ years on a "career rotation" of sorts - working in the various areas that make up UX: interface/web/graphic design, user research and testing, content strategy and information architecture, branding, and copywriting, plus creative direction and marketing including social media and email. 

And I've got an MFA in merchandising, which helped refine my design, product, and research skills. 

I gleaned my UX experience from a wide range of industries and companies, including global distribution, manufacturing, tech (enterprise SaaS and consumer), and ecommerce, and in startups, agencies, small business, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 100s.

I've been part of large UX teams in corporate environments and established UX teams and processes, and I've been a UX team of one.

I also run my own UX consulting business and am a UX mentor.

In short, I am a UX designer, researcher and strategist, and I love what I do.